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Why Volunteer!

Volunteers are needed to support many on-base and off-base agencies, both on a regular basis and for one-time events. Individual and team efforts are vital throughout the community, in everything from schools, to sports, to cultural, charitable, religious, and civic activities. Any interest, talent, or ability that you have can be shared and used to better yourself and your community.

You can make a difference in the Air Force community through volunteer service...see how below!

Where to Volunteer!

If you are considering volunteering on a regular basis, first think about what you enjoy doing, what you would like to learn or where you would like to work. General categories often considered include healthcare, religion, youth activities and sports, parks and recreation, charitable agencies, or cultural organizations.

Determine how much time – which days, which hours, how many months – you will volunteer. Consider transportation, childcare, or other factors that may impact where or when you may volunteer.

Now, determine which agencies “match” with what you need and can offer. Contact one or more agencies, speak with the person responsible for volunteers. Ask what volunteer opportunities are available, or explain what you can offer. Take the time to select the agency that will be right for you.

If you need further assistance with determining where to volunteer, please contact your local Airman & Family Readiness Center. A staff member will work with you and may assist with agency coordination.

If you already know where you wish to volunteer, you may contact most organizations directly. If you are interested in volunteering at the Clinic or Vet Clinic, please contact your local American Red Cross...Location Lookup.

If you are accepted for a volunteer position or are already actively volunteering in your community, please register with us and log your volunteer hours.

Volunteer Appreciation!

The awards program affords the opportunity to recognize those that have been singled out as truly outstanding in their efforts as a volunteer. Registration programs very from installation to installation. Please contact your local A&FRC to obtain information on recognition programs in your area.